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Motion of Love.

Motion of Love sounds like a song title, or novel title to many...even to you I suppose? :)

Five motions of love I gave to others:
1. Smile - a smile can save a life, and it makes you feel your presence is appreciated.
2. Hug - it keeps one warm and very very secured :)
3. Offer chocolates - sorry it has to be chocolates, blame me for being a chocoholic.
4. A phone call - talking on the phone with my loved ones keeps me close to them.
5. Pray - yes, I do pray for them. I'm not Jesus who can perform miracles like building a chocolate factory in a second, so this is the best I can give.

When you love somebody, what do you do to show that you love him or her? Think about it. And I hope you will realise that there have been people showing their love for you too but you might have been too ignorant or blinded to see that. Be more sensitive to your surroundings and observant, you will be asking yourself :"How could I be so blind all this while?"..ok, you don't need to bash your head for this, cos I still love your head :P

The love that I am talking about is not the BGR love or sexual love that many have turned to today... but a type of love more certain and special... that you can show to your friends, family, bf/gf, spouse, your classmate, roommate, or even a stranger on the streets. This love from above kept me going, cos life is all about love. I've seen it... have you?

p/s: Please forgive me for being all lovey-dovey today... it must be all the chocolates I consumed non-stop for the past two weeks.


  1. Yes, love makes the world go round! :) Love ya!

  2. ya u r right!!! too many turn to sexual love nowadays,we need to know that sexual love and BGR kind of love are not the only "options" available!
    i treasure you! gampate!!!!

  3. i especially like the part when you talk about hugs! i agree! yeah, give me a rib-cracking hug now!!!

  4. Chocolate makes you to be lovey-dovey? Not ur boy2x, meh?

  5. lawrence4:04 pm

    i love you!

  6. yes, j...my boyboy used to do that. not now though. i'm fine!!