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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Iced Iced Mocha

On the list of my favourite things in IPG, there used to be the canteen's Iced Mocha.

Almost every morning I drink a cup of the Iced Mocha in the canteen while waiting for the clock to strike 8.30am when my classes for the day begin. It was so think, and the balance between the coffee and chocolate was perfect.....

But as you can see, it's all 'WAS'.....

The quality of the Iced Mocha in IPG is declining not slowly, but quickly! It's no longer think.... and it will always be too sweet (too much chocolate) or too thin (too much water).

This morning I bought a cup of Iced Mocha, and I didn't even drink half of it... it's so terrible I can bring myself to drink it.

I have one thing ticked off my favourite things list now.

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