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College Road Bullies.

These people are unbelievable...and frustrating, not frightening.

Half-way during Law of Succession lesson yesterday, the college security guard knocked on our class room door and asked whether KBK XXXX(altered for the interest of the real victim) belongs to anyone of us. Yes, it was one of my classmates'.

So she took her car keys and went out to move her car which was blocking another student's car. The guard was saying that they were really angry and were shouting.

The next time my classmate opened the class room door and enter the class room again, she looked shocked. Eleven pairs of eyes were on her (including Mr. Khoo's)... Then she spoke with a shaky voice :"They punctured my tyres."

Gasps!!!!! I thought :"What the f***??!"

OK, we all admit that my classmate was wrong in not leaving a note on her car stating her number, name and class. But these b******s have no right to do that to her car!! These Ah Beng's are really out of control! They could have been a lil bit more civilised...be a lil bit more patient and act gentlemanly like asking the guard to go around the college asking who's the owner of the car. And come on, that's not so difficult. IPG main campus has only 3 levels and 17 classrooms!

Wanna know something worse?

Another classmate of mine went down to check out the situation and returned with equally shockness in his face, saying :"They scratched her car also." And it's not a tiny one-inch scratch. It's the whole car!! Plus, they even left a very rude and vulgar note on her car, with all the chinese bad words you can find in the Bad Words Dictionary.

If it weren't for two students who witnessed the puncturing of her tyres, my classmate wouldn't even know it happened. And it is so dangerous!! What if she lost control while driving later??

Thank God, the lovely Mr Khoo immediately escorted her to make the complaint. And she left to a workshop to refill her tyres...3 of them punctured!!

The saddest part was...she didn't see the car plate number of that idiot's car. And therefore, she couldn't lodge a police report for this criminal damage.

So ppl, next time, please leave a note on your car(better inside because people can simply remove a note on the car) if you are blocking somebody. And watch out for their car plate numbers!!

All of us in the class felt outraged! But is there anything we can do?

I prayed to God. And He assuringly replied :"Don't have to do anything now. Events will go as God planned. Things happen for a reason, and don't worry about these bullies not getting what they deserved."


  1. They will one day kena accident...a very teruk accident... *evil laughter*

  2. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Heard that it was only one who had reacted, and not they.

    And it was not a 'he', but a 'she'.


  3. this is terrible.. i am shocked as well after reading this.. must be careful..