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Zero Comprehensiveness.

I have to agree with one of my classmates that English law and judges are impossible to understand. Don't know what I mean?

Try reading just one 2-page judgment (yes, only a 2-page one will do!) from any English law reports OR check out my friend's post here (www.sleepypurpleworld.blogspot.com/2005/09/english-judges.html).

And in addition to her theories, I would like to add another theory:

5) They can't even come up with proper names. We came across judges with names like "Cockburn", "Cross" and "Upjohn". I will not be surprise if in the future there's a judge called "Assburn","Tick" or "Downjack".

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  1. *mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*
    Assburn, Tick and Downjack!!! I love. Hehe. Haha. *wipes tears from eyes*