Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


I Love It, when...

I love it
when you pull me
close to you
so i can bury my head
in your warm chest
when you hold me close
smelling my hair
while i listen
to your strong, steady heartbeat.
I love it
when you have that distant look
as it'll make me ask
Are you ok?
Is everything all right?
then you'll hold my hands
look at me
so convincingly
and say
Everything's fine.
I love it
when you see me sad
because you'll make a joke
because it makes me laugh
i feel even more joy
when the laughter is yours
when i see
your amazing smile
because I told a joke
because it made you laugh.
And I love it
when the moment is perfect
for the words
to be spoken
for me to say
I love you.
the shine in your eyes
the warm smile on your face
already said to me
what i needed to hear
what i know you'll say
with the tender look
even before you say
I love you too.
Darn, guess some people are not born to be a poet. And I'm pretty sure I'm one of them :)


  1. Anonymous9:44 am

    that is a great poem, keep it up girl!

  2. Did you write that??? Hiding the light all this while!!! :P

  3. hey! if you think that you can't write, then i'm dead!