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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Biorè Pore Pack Show.

I'm going to Langkawi for vacation tonight at midnight :) Actually, it's more like an eloping plan than a vacation, haha.

So, I applied one Biorè Pore Pack strip on my seemingly-flat-as-iron-board nose in the morning. I thought I will have 10 minutes of private time at home where I don't have to go out so nobody can see my funny looking face with a white piece of nonsense plastered to my nose....and then...

"Yee (what my 3 years-old cousin calls me at home) ...duayi (first aunt in hokkien, who is my mom) is calling you to come out to the mobile pasar!"

Oh crap!! The mobile pasar is parked opposite my house, and I could see all the neighbour aunties standing around it picking and choosing vegetables and fishes. Do I really have to go out now??

The thought of making my mother wait for me makes me sick, and it was going to rain soon. So, I gathered all the courage I needed, inhaled deeply, and step out of my house and made my way to the mini lorry parked just opposite my house.

For the first time in my hometown, I felt like a star... every pair of eyes were staring at me! But only they were not looking at me like I'm a star...but some fool with some funny white piece of crap on her nose, looking really really silly.

My 3 year-old cousin asked with her innoent face :"Yee, what happened to your nose?"

Even the mobile pasar owner looked at me strangely... and my mother giggled.

Oh, I swear I wanted to die on the spot!! I wished I could bury my head in the groud like an ostrich or turn invisle like the Hollow Man.

I just smiled and said:"Oh, I stick somthing on my nose, that's all."

After my mother asked me whether I wanted to get some tau-sa-piah for my friends who are going to Langkawi...correction, eloping to Langkawi to night, to which I replied "No need la.", I walked steadily back into my house and laughed at myself.

So much embarassment could occur in just 5 short minutes.


  1. wahahaha... wish i were there :p ... hahaha...by the way, is biore pore-pack effective? have been thinking to give it a try...