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Queen of procrasti-Nation.

Yes, that is my nation....procrasti-nation :P

I'm an expert when in comes to procrastination.

One morning a few days ago, I came to the college library with the supposedly settled intention to revise Chapters 2 to 5 of Law of Succession. After 4 hours, I was still stuck at the Introduction :P

When I read a few lines, I lifted my head and saw a free available PC in the library!! Yeah, online time.... tap tap tap....cursing the slow connection...tap tap tap...click click click.... ok, done! Ow...tummy ache, must go toilet...dash out of library, went to ladies.

Then I returned to the library to continue on Law of Succession. I sat down, skimmed the notes, read 3 lines...mouth feeling itchy!! Got up, went to the canteen and munched on a packet of guava and a packet or watermelon. When I finished, it was time to attend class. There goes my plan to finish up revision for Chapters 2 to 5 of Law of succesion.

Still not enough? Hehe, my handphone credit was RM 0.00 a week ago. On:
Day 1-Ok, I will reload my phone tomorrow before going to college.
Day 2-Spent too much yesterday, want to save money. Nvm, I'll reload tomorrow.
Day 3-Arrghh!! I can't sms friends and this sucks!! Ok, later I will ask Sri Raam whether he can transfer credit to me...Damn! Sri Raam's credit expired!! That means I'm not meant to reload today. Fine, I'll do it tomorrow.
Day 4-Woke up and thought of going to 7 Eleven later to reload phone... 11pm as I was lying on my bed "Oh s***! Too busy til I forgot to reload!!" Ok, I'll do it tomorrow. Until now, my credit is till at RM 0.00.
Day 5- Can't call mom!! Ok, I have to reload tomorrow.
Day 6-Still RM 0.00! Can't reply TY's sms! Oh...but I'm so so so lazy to walk....
Day 7-Reloaded RM 30.00!!! Yeah!

See what I mean? Yes, I am the Queen of Procrasti-Nation.

And last night, I was reading Law of Succession (yeah, it's my second attempt!)...one page....Hey, what can I write about in my blog tomorrow??....maybe about mosquitoes (cos I was bitten 15 times in 30 minutes while having breakfast in the canteen in IPG), hmmm...maybe procratination (Me n Aiching just talked about it). OK!

Then, I remembered that my friends will have exams soon. So I made cards for them, but the attempt failed miserably. So no Good Luck cards for them. Aiks?? The poster on my wall fell...ok, stick it back to the wall. Sat down again...look at notes.... time to sleep zzzzz.

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  1. Oh,yea,I know!!! Change 'Succession' to 'Jurisprudence' and reloading phone to something else, and you've just described my day! Hehe.