Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


20 Going On 21

Celebration with friends at Italianni's 1 Utama. Strangely, the restaurant was using TGI Friday's serviettes!

Celebration at home with family. My cousin (most left one) was also celebrating her 10th birthday, while it's my 21st... but my cake is 10 times smaller than hers sob sob... Got the KEY to freedom and independence - from my parents.

I am officially an adult and can enter the casino without fear of being asked for my IC for inspection by the officers there FINALLY! Haha.

What's my best gift for this birthday? Wonderful friends, family and warm wishes...


  1. that's because italianni's is owned by the same people as TGI's. so not that strange really. mix n match is all good. ..