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Praying - is apparently a huge thing.
ALL religions practice it.
Even people who don't believe in God's existence cry out in prayer when they are in dire need.
Justin Bieber sang about it.
So what is it to you?

I do it too. Everytime I pray, it's not the same.
Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I declare truths that break the power of negative thoughts.
Sometimes I simply tell the recipient of my prayers how my day was, how I feel.
Sometimes I just listen.

Prayer is conversation.
I pray to connect with my Helper, my Creator, my Dad who listens to everything, who answers in His time.
Without prayer, life would be meaningless, without hope, without a clear direction.

I recently found this picture that touched my heart.
I love the fact that prayer changes things.
It changes me.
I'm in need of that connection with my Creator that comes only through prayer.
So, yes, praying is really a huge thing.


  1. Hey there!

    I came across your blog through Sarah Lim's link list. =) Heartfelt post and beautiful photo. I totally agree that as much as we pray, we must listen. And before we even pray, we must listen first!

    Keep writing! God bless =)


  2. thanks for your comments! have an awesome year end and Christmas celebration!