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Journal 30.10.2010

Insecurity Made Me a Desperado

John 5

Still struggling with insecurity. Today, I thank God for this struggle.

As I read this chapter, I realised that the Bible recorded encounters with Jesus of the demon-possessed man, the ruler whose daughter died and the woman with blood discharge problem. They cried out to Jesus for a touch from him without shame and desperately. Healing came to these desperadoes who dared to admit their need for Christ. The Bible has no records of miracles for those who say "I am OK" or "I'm fine, no thanks".

The insecurity i struggle with made me a desperado for Jesus. It made me long for Him in a way that 'perfect' people won't. It made me throw all I have down to run after Jesus.

I am glad to be going through this.

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  1. Go! Run after Him! We will see each other at the finishing line!