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Beh Tahan!

Each of us will meet people who we can't stand. No matter how much we try to like that person or to put the past behind, everytime we meet this person and talk to him or her, we just can't stand that person.

I met mine, about 4 years ago, when I stepped into my college for the first time. She can't seem to stop complaining about everything she sees! The first time I talked to her I got a shock in my life!! I thought, "Well, maybe she's having a bad day, or maybe it's me who took her attitude too seriously." So, I decided not to give the first impression that she gave to me about her a second thought and buried it deep down in my mind.

As the years go by, as I was involved in student society activities, inevitably, I had to deal with her numerous times. I thought I will be able to feel OK with her, but you know what? She's gotten worse! And she still complains about everything she sees. She even wiped the keyboard before she uses the PC in the student centre.

One thing I realised she likes to do very much is that she always compare what she thinks is bad to what she thinks is good. Hello?? In order to help students, they have to be encouraged and corrected, not criticised with words like 'Yeah, why so lousy?', 'Ha! How come so bad one?', 'Why is it so badly done? Didn't you see the notice done by the secretarial course society?' And, YES, I didn't see the notice. She has to say with a face like I-don't-believe-it, 'Huh? What do you mean you don't know about it?' Like...duh! I mean what I said. I didn't see the notice and therefore I don't know about the talk that is going to be held. Simple. I didn't say anything wrong. What is wrong if I didn't see the notice?

It makes me wonder if anyone actually told her of her problem.

beh ta han!

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