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Legalised Exploitation.

Exploitation does exist! The worse thing is not the fact of its existence, but the fact that legal systems, dominated by those exploiting and tacitly approving exploitation, legalised such exploitation.

One clear example is pornography - exploitation of women. Just take a look at any pornographic magazines and it makes me wanna puke. Once I saw a pornographic show on a friend's PC and I wanted to cry. Women are being exploited to satisfy the sexual desires of men, and the claim that it is 'art' is bullshit! No man, yes, I can assure you, no man buys Playboy or Penthouse, or watches a pornographic show for artistic purposes or enchancement of their artistic skills, but to fulfill their sexual desires!

You know what is the saddest part? The women can't see it.

The exploiters argued that this is a form of consensual exploitation, that the women are being exploited wilfully and willingly. 'Nobody is forcing them to do that!', they claimed.

But the exploiters are smart. Yes, they are. They used various tricks and economic incentives to draw women to enter into the world of porn, and programmed their minds to think that it is not exploitation and that it is all right to show your boobs or even worse, have sexual intercourse with an anonymus man in front of the camera and the TV. These exploiters made sure that thier act of exploitation is legalised, so that the exploitation continues.

Initially, women were pressured to have 90% of their skin exposed in the streets, some even became the prey of anorexia, and they did all sorts of treatment and surgeries, to make themselves acceptable to men. Legalised exploitation means that these acts were insufficiently challenged. And the acts have, with the passage of time, became a norm in the society. The exploiters are laughing their heads off.

Exploitation can be of many forms. Another example is in the cosmetics world. Just take a look at one shampoo ad on TV. A girl opens the door, and a guy carrying a bouquet of red roses was standing there, intending to ask her out. But the moment he saw her hair, which was frizzy and not so straight, he was disappointed and shocked, and the red roses died on the spot! The next day, ding dong, the girl opens the door again, but this time, the guy beamed and grinned, and they went out on a date. All because the girl used some XYZ shampoo and has straight, long, black, silky hair now.

Ridiculous? It does seem so to me. Women, if you claim that the cosmetics make you feel prettier and more confident, I tell you, it is bullshit(again)! It is because the exploiters tell you it makes you prettier, that is why you think it maks you prettier. Trust me, confidence and beauty comes from within. Even if I have the best make-up artist does my make-up and the best hair stylist does my hair, even if all the people around me says I look gorgeous after that, I am only gorgous after all that process!! I am not gorgeous because I am who I am, but because of the make-up, blah blah blah.... and even if all the people around me says I am gorgeous after all that transforming process, but if deep down in my heart I still feel low and inconfident, I would disagree with them all.

The other day I went window shopping with a friend of mine who was looking for a skin whitening cream. Well, I stood beside her and just listened to the sales girl do her talking and explanation. When she mentioned, 'See? The cream doesn't make you feel sticky too!' And then I remembered... once upon a time, I bought a lotion, and the sales girl said th exact same sentence. Somehow, at that moment, the lotion does really seemed not sticky. But after I reached home and used it for the first time, yikes!!... it is sticky!

Women, you are the one to end the exploitation. Take your stand. Respect yourself as you are. Don't listen to the exploiters!!

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  1. Oh, yea. I definitely agree with you!

    The saddest thing is that these women fight for their so-called rights to express themselves. They fail to see that they're actually regressing, not progressing. And the men? They're obviously not complaining.