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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


I thought I lost You.

It helps to be aware of your personality type, but don’t envy someone else’s to the point that you apologize for who you are. God created all types, so it’s all right to be you!

For the past week, a friend of mine had been really irritatingly hyper about life and wonders God has done in college.

For a split second, I asked myself why is she so extremely happy about? And then I realised something was wrong with me. If my walk with Him had been a close one, and a right one, I would have felt the same way as my friend... irritatingly hyper. In fact I would just be hyper, minus the irritating part.

So there I was, finding out that the passion in my heart for God had somehow died down a bit. When I looked back to what I did for the past few weeks, I realised then that I have grieven the Holy Spirit with many things I have done. I made it happen...I allowed myself to be distant from God.

For a while, I prayed fervently for Him to bring me back to Him, to feel that closeness again, that love and hope. I thought I lost Him.

But I was wrong.

Through this incident, I found out that we will never lose Him unless me deliberately reject Him and His existence in this place, in our hearts. He hears our cries. Well, He definitely heard mine :)

I thought I lost You...But You found me again.

I love You.

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