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Oh, I Abhor You...

Hehe, to those who know the song 'I adore you', this is the total opposite :)

This morning, I managed to drag myself off bed at 7.15am, which is a great achievement for me :P, and joined my friend for a morning walk along Gurney Drive.

We were happily chatting and walking briskly. Every moment was pleasurable...until we were walking behind one uncle in his mid-50s, wearing a faded T-shirt whith maroon and beige stripes, light grey slacks, black shoes, holding a half cigarrette in his right hand.

What I will share from this moment onwards is not suitable to those with a weak stomach, and probably weak heart, so I advise you to stop reading now and go fly kite. But if you insist, you are reading at your own risk.

So, me and my friend were observing this uncle as he took a puff on the cigarrette, immediately after that, he fired a bullet so disgusting that I shrieked at the spot!

I thought the horror would end, but unfortunately, he proceed to gather force and momentum...and 'Ptooh!' There goes another bullet... "Ptooh!' and another..... "Ptooooooh!" and another. He did it multiple times!! Right in front of me and my friend who got so sick at what he was doing.

We picked up our pace to overtake that nightmare. Somehow, when we passed him, I couldn't help it but said out loud, "Disgusting!! Euughh!! Horrible!!" and my friend echoed, "Yeah!! So geli....". I added, "This was how SARS got spread to the public!!"

I guess we were loud enough, cos the uncle stared at us :)

Public Spitting.... I abhor you!!

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