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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset



One Sunday morning...a simple, sunny, ordinary Sunday morning, was all that was necessary for God to touch my heart. How amazing is He!

This happenned last year, but I only remembered the work He has done that day on me on my way to KL in a bus.

That Sunday, as I stood in church worshipping the Lord and singing songs of praise together with the congregation of brothers and sisters in Christ, I saw something that touched my heart.

I forgot what the exact title of the song but I recalled it was about 'unity'. As I opened my eyes, already wet with tears, after singing the chorus, I could only shed more tears at what I saw.

Right in front of me two couples, if I remembered them correctly, they were brother Lai Seng and wife, and brother Richard and wife, worshipping the Lord in unity...they were holding each of their spouse's hand, singing at the top of their lungs.

What touched me was not their love for one another, but their love for God together. It is this togetherness that truly stuck with me since that day until now. And I will never ever forget what I saw that very Sunday morning.

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  1. Val and I were just discussing the other day how being a Christian saves people from so much 'date anxiety', because everything is in His hands. If you're with the person God made for you, then there's nothing to worry about! :)