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He never disappoints.

Everyone gets disappointed by someone, or disappoints someone, each day. I was disappointed by my bf before, and last week I disappointed my friend for ditching him for lunch last minute because it was going to rain (I'm awful! Darn...).

But He never disappoints.

I came across this passage as I was reading a 2002 volume Our daily Bread yesterday:
Psalm 130
5 I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope.
6 My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.

Just as the verses said, the watchmen waited and waited for the morning to come, because they know for certain that they will be able to see the sunlight the first thing in the morning, and they waited in that hope.

After I accepted Christ, I faced multiple persecutions, especially emotional ones, from people I love dearly. It was worst when my bf started accusing me for many things I did wrong and that I did not take him or our relationship seriously. At one point during my quiet time with God, He told me to uncling myself from my bf as he is hindering my Christian race (Hebrews 12). I ignored His message a few times, but when there was a confirmation from one sister and one brother, I could not pretend that God did not speak to me.

My bf is a baggage that I find most difficult to let go of more than anything else I have in this world and life. And why is God asking me to give up on someone so precious to me that I will sacrifice my life for? I couldn't see the purpose at all at the beginning. But now I know why. And I am glad this trial took place.

This experience revealed to me that He never disappoints. He taught me to have hope in Him and His word, His promises. When I was facing hard times, I always remember His promises to me. In Genesis 22, Abraham was called by God to sacrifice his one and only son, Isaac, something which no normal human can do, or has the will to do. But Abraham did. God was touched by his faithfulness, and PROVIDED for him, in the end, Isaac's place was replaced with a goat provided by the Lord.

I always remember now that whenever I face hard times, on the verge of breaking down, He will provide. This was what He told me. And thanks to Lawrence, I will always remember that I am one who walks on God's promises ;)

When I did break up with my bf, it was difficult and heartbreaking beyond description. I cried so much :P But immediately after that, God extended His hand to me, and yes, He provided, just as He promised. I was touched by so many brothers' and sisters' love at this point, like Kenny Kee, Charmaine, Allyson, Lawrence, Aiching, Joy and Hock Chai. I could not deny the power of His love. Initially, I was tearing because of the break up, but minutes later, I was tearing because of joy and love.

Upon surrendering my bf into His hands, God had began working in his life and soften his heart in ways that I did not expect. My bf may not be able to see it, but I do. And now that we are both back together, I thank God for pulling me through such a trial. Yes, He never disppoints.

Those who wait on the Lord will never be disappointed. I can testify to that ;)

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