Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset



Just take a look at any fashion, trend or leisure magazine today and you will find tons of similar-looking models, dabbed with 3 inches thick (or even more) cosmetics made of low-cost chemicals or supposedly 'organic' substances, posing with seemingly-not-enough-clothe dresses, trying to look cool and 'pretty' or sexy on the coverpage or an advertisement of a branded fragrance.

Yes, they look alike!

They dictate how a person should dress or look like in order to be labled goodlooking or beautiful in their own sense, the sense of this world, of this ugly world. Eughh! I can't imagine anybody would want to look like a fixed virtual doll according to the standards of this world. Well, if my maths is right, it should be something like this: Ugly world = Ugly standards = Ugly looks ;)

People, just be yourself. Just because you are not wearing something in trend or nice according to this world, it doesn't mean you are not beuatiful. BEAUTY IS SKIN-DEEP.

Want to see a clear cut case of stereotype? Look at the photo uploaded above. Voila.

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  1. clap!clap!clap!
    agree! agree! agree! how i wish all those 'stereoptype' guys who always judge girls according to their looks get to read this! hopefully this will help them to be less shallow.