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Should Have's

No, this is not a shopping list that contains the trendiest cosmetics or fashion tips that you should have. I'm not that type of person who will blog about it. Just get CLEO or FEMALE or whatever magazine with a skimpily dressed model at the cover, air-brushed, with lots of make up.

I returned from dinner yesterday and found my Chinese housemate, Y, sitting on the floor with her class schedule in her hand, sulking. She looked so down and sad, and all she did was stare at the schedule in her hand.

I sat down beside her and said all sorts of things to cheer her up. I even played the 'Sausages' game with her. She laughed a little, and returned to her original state.

She had been sitting there sulking for more than 2 hours. Over what? How displeased she was with her daily schedule and worrying about her studies.

This triggered a thought in my mind. Instead of sulking for more than two hours, at least a few minutes should have been used to consider how she can improve her studies and rearrange her schedule, etc, just to get herself out of that miserable state.

A lot of us are like that too. We may complain or blame ourselves or sulk over so many things in our lives, and ask questions like 'Why am I so stupid?' or 'Why I must go through so much pain?'.

Things happen for a reason. Yes, they do. Look at it as a life-learning process for you to grow up and be more mature....or more wise. Instead of feeling miserable over it, we should have done so many other things that could solve the problems. Just take a long look back at your life and see how many "should have's" are there.

God bless you.

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