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Most Painful Thing

It's 12.30am and my bf is still out 'drinking with friends'. Ah, screw him.

I have better things to write about.

Some experiences are painful. So painful that it sticks on you your whole life. But there are times, and this does not happen to everyone, when it is another person's painful experience that is stuck on you. This occurs when that somebody shared the pain with you. Try to recall the latest sharing about a painful experience by your friend to you. Feeling the pain? Yup. But it is not that painful actually because our hearts are not imparted with the true extent of the pain that our friends felt.

But there is somebody I know that is able to do that. That special someone shared his one and only painful experience in eternity to the selected few in this world. And guess what? The extent of pain is equal to that felt originally by him - God.

In my 22 years of life in this ugly-yet-beautiful-in-many-ways world, I have met 2 persons who have had the opportunity to feel that pain our loving Father felt for us.

After a period of departure from his first church, Jared returned, and as he was praying, he suddenly felt this inexplicable stab of pain in his heart. God said to him in a painful voice, "I have so much to give to my youth, but where are they?" He wept out loud, the loudest ever in his life, that very moment, even before there was any music, before the Sunday service started. Since then, Jared had been contributing to youth ministry in his church and the rest is history.

Few days ago, Sue Ann, while praying, had a vision. In that vision, there was only her and Jesus, standing side by side, in front of a huge lake. A lake full with blood. As she turned to Jesus in the vision, He said to her, "This is the blood that I have shed for my people... but not all have come to me. So many of them are still not with me." Sue Ann was never the same again since the vision, because she felt the pain equal to that felt by Jesus, standing in front of the blood He shed for us.

I used to think that giving birth is the most painful thing on earth. I was mistaken.

Only one encounter with the pain God felt could stay that painful in these people's hearts. Imagine... how painful would it be if it were the sum of all sins and lost souls.


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  1. This is the best, most inspirational blog entry you've written so far!!!

    Thanx for sharing.