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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Thoughtful Lil' Friend.

It is nice to know that in this sad sad world, in this dull dull life, there is still people around me that is so thoughtful.

When I was reading the TIME magazine in th library, trying very hard to find at least one example of current events which I can use as an example in my Jurisprudence assignment (but found none), Alex Wong a.k.a. Chung Heng ( I think that is how his named is spelled, Alex sorry if I'm wrong!), approached me and asked how I was doing. He then wished me Merry Christmas and said sorry for not sending me a Christmas e-card, but only managed to give me a testimonial on friendster which I regrettably deleted. I could only say thank you to him for the testimonial. Oh, I felt sooooooooooooo darn BAD!!

He actually took the courage to approach me and apologized for something which does not require apology?!

It was so thoughtful of him. Many students find him weird and bullied him in college, he still tried his best to make friends and share his thoughts and happennings in life with me, and other people in IPG.

Although it was 2 days after Christmas, I considered this a Christmas gift that I truly appreciate :)

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  1. ya, i agree. i don't know why some people treat him badly. h is sincere! and being willing to apologise is a rare quality to find in guys today!