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Usually, when a beggar holds out his or her hand to beg, the beggar will get pecuniary donations (actually, some people don't donate. They give them just a few pennies to rid off the irritating beggar) or fiery donations (this happens when they either get shoo-ed off or rude remarks from people who don't give them anything).

But something funny and rather unusual happened two days ago.

When I was sitting comfortably on the bus heading back to my hometown waiting for the bus to start the journey, a beggar came on the bus and held out a crumpled paper cup to each of the passenger on the bus, speaking softly with the pitiful tone in his voice, asking us to give him some money and have pity on him.

Seriously, why should we pity them if they do not have pity on themselves?
But this was not what I thought of lar of course!

When he held out the cup to me and looked at me, I just stared back. I know it's rude but... I can't help wondering what's really going on in his mind!

So, I was thinking, I have a 5 dollar note and a few 1 dollar notes in my pocket, but I was wearing a really tight jeans (yeah, I put on weight, arrghh!!) and it would be so difficult to get the 1 dollar note out of my pocket with all the bags on my lap.

I just kept staring into his eyes...

And then...

I stretched my hand into one of the bags on my lap and searched hard for a packet... while I was doing this the beggar thought I won't give him anything and turned to the passenger behind me to beg for money.

Just as he turned.. I held out my hand to him, saying :"Nah, hor lu (give you in hokkien)."

He turned back and looked stunned!

I was holding out a Tiger biscuit to him :P

I thought he needed food maore than money at that time. Haha. Well, what happened next? He hesitated at first, but I continued holding out the biscuit to him and he took it eventually. When he left the bus, I saw him holding that piece of Tiger biscuit :)

The passenger next to me laughed at me. Oh well...who cares? I became a biscuit volunteer...biscuiteer lim sin yee hahaha.

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  1. hahaha, how cute of you. you're doing a much better job than the average ignorant malaysian so i have to commend you for that. like they say, beggars can't be choosers, eh?