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Eaten alive

IPG Cafeteria, which is so pathetic that it is actually nothing like a cafeteria, is the citadel for blood-suckers. Yeah, and I mean it literally blood-suckers!

As I was enjoying my breakfast this morning, cherishing every bite of the nasi goreng and savoruing every bit of the telur mata kerbau, I was attacked by a full-blown offensive launched by these blood-suckers. It was as though they were on Operation Desert Storm!

Only ten minutes...these blood-suckers made me dance, scratch and cry like a baby whose mother refused to give her the candy she wants. Unfortunately, nobody came to rescue me from this attack.

I was defeated. I was eaten alive by these blood-suckers.

Their victory is evident on my limbs. And my defeat will remind forever more that I hate.... mosquitoes!!

Blood-suckers!! 24 bites and the lumps are even in a pattern...hmmm, looks like a big J on my calve. Gtg...time to scratch!

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