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Shopping dilemma episode 2.

What a coincidence! When I thought of this post I didn't know I actually started my chocoholic blog with the same subject... SHOPPING.

In Episode 1, Miss Chocoholic faces dilemma in deciding what gift to buy for a friend's birthday and it made her plunged into desperation of finding a solution to this matter that had been troubling her for so long. She found the solution! Can she apply it to buying, well...not gifts this time, clothes... for herself?

Now, in Episode 2, Miss Chocoholic is again faced with a dilemma in deciding what clothes to buy for new year, and again, the history repeats itself...she's plunged into desperation of finding a right balance between her scarce financial resources and her love for several pieces of fashion breakthrough.

As she went window shopping with two of her pals in Gurney Plaza, concluding to herself that she will not get any new year clothes for 2006 because her pocket's sinking at the rate of 6,000 mph and she has many relatively new clothes which she can wear for new year, she came across creations so wonderful and beautiful that she found hard to resist.

So, she has changed her mind now and ditched her 'not-buying-any-clothes' idea and replaced it with 'maybe-I'll-just-get-a few'. (talk about failure of self-control!)

In her list now there are Baleno 3 quarter pants at RM89.90, PDI 3 quarter pants at RM79.00, this beautiful red floral multifunction dress at RM 189.00 (ahh..Miss Chocoholic faints *thud*), FOS 3 quarter pants at RM 53.90, FOS tee written "Two bfs are better than one" at the front / "Too cool for school" at RM 30.00 (rounded up figure) and a spagheti top at FOS at RM 19.90.

Oh, how desperate Miss Chocoholic is now!

After much pondering and head-cracking mental gymnastics exercises, Miss Chocoholic.... is left without a solution. Instead, as she always did, she has now concluded that since it is so difficult to come to a decision on what to buy with her meagre funds, simply don't buy any! Problem solved! Yeah!!

This could be a new economic formula ;)

Happy 2006!!

Oh yeah, by the way, purple is the "in" colour now. So dig up all your purple stuff and wear them...or use them!!


  1. BUY! Get the RM189 floral dress, and the stuff from FOS. Skip the pants. :) The dress looks good on you!!! Get the dress!!!