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Insensitive Crip

I hate make-up. It's a waste of time, energy, money and it makes me feel unnatural. To me, make-up is like plastic surgery.... like pasting a thick layer of sticky substance on your face and your facial movements will be restricted. This is what I think of make-up.

But why my bf never understands?

It hurts me every time he asks me to make-up. I thought he hasn't accpeted me for who I am and that he thinks I'm not pretty or beautiful enough compared to other girls. I did make-up once. And I told him I won't do it again unless there's a performance or a really formal occasion. Now, he's requesting it again...repeatedly!

When I told him how his requests made me feel, he said I think irrelevantly. Omigod!

My situation now is like the TLC song 'Unpretty'. I cried before I slept yesteday right by his side.... and he didn't realise. Insensitive crip!!


  1. My comment to you is too long....so I decide to blog it. Check it out at my blog.

  2. friday's lunch break's long enough for me to be so keypoh :P

    the long comment is only 1 click away here, for any1's convenience ;)

  3. make up is very troublesome in deed and makes you feel awkward.. when u look back at the pictures which you took with make up on and compared to those without make up.. you will see that you are much happier when not wearing make up.. don't be sad.. guys are like that - demanding.. and insensitive..

  4. Well, maybe he thinks you are even more beautiful when you make-up.

    True, you may not like it.

    So, just talk with him about it.

    Okay, so he disagrees.

    Perhaps, there is no reason to cry over it, right?

    I am sure you would like a bf who is telling you what he thinks and what he feels, even though how much you disagree with his ideas. Better than a guy who keeps all in his heart.

    Then again, he only brought it up once in a while, right?

    Now, now.. let's not be upset with him, for sharing his feeling.

    And you just do what you feel right. Just don't get emotional over it. Do be stronger than this. : ) I am sure you will.

  5. I understand how you feel as I did face the same situation before too. But like what j said, it's good that he tells me what he thinks but it's still my decision to whether to put on make-ups or not.

    I'll let him know how uncomfortable I will be and if he cares enough for me, he'll understand and not to ask that again.

    If it becomes a BIG issue then I'll find out the TRUE reason why he wants me to put on make-ups. If it's because he wants me to look like someone else or he prefer the other person that puts on make-ups...then you knew what I'll do...