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3 Accidents in 19 hours

Life can change in a split second....

Accident 1 :
This wasn't really my case... 12.ooam 21 July - When I was brushing my teeth preparing to go to bed, TY suddenly called out to me and asked me to finish my task. When I came out from the bath room...
Me: 'What happened?'
TY: 'My housemate's on his way back to pick us up. We're going to see an accident nearby.'
I was like 'huh?'
So we went in TY's housemate's car to the accident scene. On the way there, TY's housemate couldn't stop talking about how he saw it happened and how the Satria and the Evo spinned on the road and missed each other by inches and eventually hit the divider...bla bla bla....

The only thing on my mind on the journey was 'What's the thrill all about?'. I could see how TY andd his housemate was thrilled and excited about the accident but I really didn't the any sense in it.

After all the driving and exciting talk in the rain... when we reached the accident scene... both the Satria and the Evo had already left. Haha.

Accident 2:
6.00pm, 21 July - Had to attend a hiphop class in Sri Hartamas. Today TY didn't want to fetch me there. So I had to drive there myself. While reversing his car... I hit the side pillar. The left-rear signal light was smashed. Doomed!!

Accident 3:
6.30pm, 21 July - Upon reaching Sri Hartamas (after a painfully long journey...well, not literally long but because I was thinking about Accident 2 all the way the journey seemed longer than usual), I searched for a parking space right outside Plaza Damas. I saw a car about 20 meters behind came out. I immediately thought :"Free parking space!". I reversed... fast.... and BAM! (for the second time) ... the left-rear part of my car backed into another car....it was a......

.....Mercedes Benz S-Class!

I'm officially broke now :(


  1. I hope you are ok.

    Talk about excitement? I have a colleague, Lilian, who jumped up and down, literally, when it was announced that the RM peg was removed. She acted like it was announced there would be a 5 days holiday.

    Accidents happen all around us. Scary, huh?

  2. oh my God, girl.. are you alright? recovering from nervous shock? take care ok.. there are so many bad things happen this day.. it's not a part of the year..

  3. ya...so sorry to hear about the incidents...