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Disappointing Standard

None except one got through yesterday... only Lee Chong Wei made it to the semi finals in the 2005 Malaysian Open. It is so sad and very very disappointing.

I watched badminton tournaments on TV since I was little. Yesterday I got the opportunity to watch it live in the Cheras KLBA hall with TY and several of his shuttler friends. It was crowded! The tickets were sold out. Luckily I had friends who have the players pass and we managed to sneaked in using those passes.

Watching the men's doubles lose isn't a big shock to me. I have expected them to lose somehow :P But watching them play against Indonesia and China only showed one thing... the standard of the national shuttlers had either been static or deteriorated. That is very disppointing.

Although the Indonesians didn't really improved, the Chinese shuttlers showed amazing improvements. What happen to Malaysia then? Sad to say, if they proceed with such standard, Malaysia will never bag the Thomas Cup again, not unless all the other Chinese and Danish shuttlers suddenly contract an incurable skin disease and pull out from the game :P

KKK, Bin Shen, Soon Hock... please train smarter! ( I know you guys are training hard)

I'm still waiting for the day where the Malaysian shuttlers can truly be world No. 1.


  1. Is it just me or that the badminton players really have good thighs... so yummy. And I still think the cutest one is the China Badminton Doubles player. Sometimes, watch not the games, but the players.. hehehe...

    Saw Amy yesterday on Penang Hill.

  2. I am disappointed too...you don't update ur blog much eh? :p