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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Seven Pounds...and seven pailful of tears.

Will Smith's acting has gone up two notches. It was superbly brilliant. Seeing how he developed from being the Fresh Prince of BeL-Air to being Bad Boy and now Tim is truly awesome. He totally deserves awards!

The cinema was only quarter full. Maybe it was because it's the 11am show. I cried so much :( With a cinema that 'empty', everyone could hear my sobs (and laughter in three parts of the whole movie). Sigh...and Steph noted to me that she noticed I kept wiping away the tears on my face. If I had a towel, it could have easily collected pails full of tears.

The part when Tim signed the consent form in the Motel room followed by his best buddy crying already confirmed my prediction of what Tim was planning to do to himself in the movie. Since that scene, I just teared and teared.

Strangely, I identify with the pain and burden Tim carried. I understood perfectly the reason behind every single decision he made with every person he wanted to help. I so get it. I once (long time ago) said to God: If it takes me dying or losing everything to let everyone know You and see that life is so much more, I'll gladly do it. The one huge difference is Tim was looking for redemption for himself. I simply suffer when I see others suffer or not living life with abundance, and to take away that suffering I'll do anything.

The movie definitely made me embark on a short reflection trip, especially the line that spoke to me so much: Tim gave his house to Connie Tepos without a single dime in return. In his letter to Connie, he ended it with (paraphrasing) "Don't ask any question. This is my wish. Just honour it. Live life with abundance."

At that moment, my hair stood. My heart silently shouts to me "That's what your Father wants for you. Don't ask why. Just honour it. Live life with abundance." It was as if that line was especially tailored to let me know that. And then I teared even more :P

The movie is perfect lah... but I just don't like the idea of Tim commiting suicide so that others can have the great gift he wanted to give to each name. I think it says comming suicide is Ok if you want to help others (but that is just what I think).

From another angle, I guess the message is very similar to the gospel - Jesus chose to die on the cross, bear all our sins and pain, so that we can all live life with abundance. He could have said 'NO, I won't do it for them' or stopped half-way while being beaten up and chose to just give up and not care for those who do not know him. Jesus chose to give his life up so that WE ALL can live life with abundance. He didn't do it for his own redemption though, he did it for ours.

What do you think the message of the movie was? :) I'd like to know.

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  1. Have u seen slumdog millionaire?
    And wathc watchmen too. its lower on the intellectual calories, but there are some thought provoking issues raised as well.