Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Love Note No. 2

Rachel lives in The Pit - the messiest street in town where hopelessness and brokenness lurk in every corner. Rachel is always in rags, with dirt on her hands and face, and Fears and Failures were her shoes. Rachel is the 'reject', violated countless times, and don't see any worth in herself anymore.

HE is the royal prince, an heir to the kingdom above kingdoms whom his father loves. He is the most handsome man alive, strong and courageous. Daring and pure. Wisest among the princes, and totally a hunk all women scatter after :) He always wear Joy as his shirt, Hope as his pants, and Love as his shoes. His favourite hat, which he puts on everyday, is Compassion. Despite of all the women scattering after him, he was looking for someone who can fit into his heart perfectly.

Rachel and him are worlds apart in every single way. Yet...

He found her in The Pits while taking a stroll on purpose. Driven by Compassion, He rescued her and rode on his white glorious horse with Rachel to his beautiful kingdom. He cleaned her, got her new clothes, and cared for her. Since then he never left her side.

So many looked at Rachel with disgust in their eyes, some with much disapproval. When Rachel and him walk together, they asked aloud as if on purpose 'How did they end up together?', 'What is a prince like him doing with a reject like her?' Each time this happened, he would tighten his arm around her shoulder even when Rachel wanted to break loose from it due to shame. She would try harder at being perfect for him, but would fail miserably each time she tried.

One day, he looked Rachel straight in her eyes with such fiery and said in his tender, piercing voice, "Stop trying. Just let me be strong for you." Rachel was flabbergasted. But deep down inside, she knew that he was the strength she needed.

The truth is Rachel never dreamt of this. No one ever looked at her, what more take an interest in her. But she knew this to be true - He saw something in her that nobody else could see. He made a pair of sneakers, Faithfulness and Goodness, and found her to be the one who fitted them perfectly. Fears and Failures were burnt to ashes in the fire. He wanted her to walk and even run on Faithfulness and Goodness. He didn't care what others would say, because to him it was all worth it. And Rachel, knowing that she's the wimpiest and weakest person she has ever known herself, was desperate for that strength.

Rachel chose to let him be strong for her. It the midst of opposition and trials, it was his love that kept her strong. Rachel only had to look down at her shoes, and she would run faster and better each time after she tripped. He made his promises firm for her. His unwavering love he kept purposely for her.

Rachel will never forget what he said...

"Let me be strong for you."

Rachel is so glad she made that choice - to let him be strong for her instead of trying to be stong herself. She is so so glad. The strength he offered was what made her COMPLETE.

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